Parent Involvement Policy

Pioneer Preparatory School encourages an atmosphere in which parents, administration and faculty join in a partnership to foster the mission of Pioneer Preparatory School.  This partnership offers an environment for collaboration and exchange of information between school and parents.


  1. Parents have the right to be involved and participate in their child’s educational experience.
  2. Parents will be informed of their rights under Title I. The principal of the school will present the information.
  3. Parents will receive information on all parent programs a minimum of one week in advance.
  4. Parents will be informed that the Parent Teacher Support Group provides the opportunity for parents to raise concerns about school wide policy.  A member of the PTSG will hold a seat on the board of Pioneer.
  5. Parents will have the opportunity to participate in monthly workshops on how to improve their child’s school work.
  6. Parents will have the opportunity to participate in a Summer Bridge workshop in order to receive activities for their child to work on during summer break to keep achievement levels high.
  7. Parents will receive an explanation of curriculum and a copy of the Arizona State Standards during the Back to School event held in September from their child’s teacher. Parents who are unable to attend Back to School Night can meet one on one with their child’s teacher to receive the information.
  8. Parents will receive the email address of their child’s teacher in the welcome letter sent to parents and students before the start of school.
  9. Parents have the opportunity to make decisions regarding the education of their child by initiating conversation with the child’s teacher. School-wide concerns should be addressed through the PTSG group for presentation to the principal and school board.
  10. Parents will be informed of teacher professional development days through the Pioneer Times.  Professional Development of teachers includes ways to build a successful communication bridge between the school and home.
  11. Parents have the opportunity to review materials on how they can improve their child’s academic achievement in the parent resource area.  Parents should contact the teacher and director to set up an appointment for the resource area. Additional support may be provided at the parents’ request.
  12. Parents that need documents written in Spanish will have the opportunity to select “Spanish Materials” on the application for enrollment and registration forms at Pioneer.
  13. Parents will sign the Pioneer Preparatory Commitments, which is a written agreement of what schools and parents are each supposed to do to help students achieve.

All parents are invited to attend monthly Parent Teacher Support Group (PTSG) meetings and to join committees or volunteer for activities. The PTSG meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Teachers are members of the PTSG.
An administrator is present at all meetings to give information and answer parent questions.

Annually, Pioneer Preparatory school teachers and staff will convene a meeting with the PTSG at the beginning of the school year. All efforts will be made to have the parent involvement meeting the same night as Pioneer’s Back to School Night.

Parents who feel that their rights have been violated or that the needs of their child are not being met should schedule an appointment with their child’s teacher by phone or email. If the issue is not resolved, the parent should place the issue in writing and contact the school principal by phone or email. If the issue is not resolved after meeting with the principal, the parent should contact the school superintendent by phone or email. If the issue is not resolved after meeting with the superintendent, the parent should submit a letter to the Pioneer Board at the next scheduled board meeting. All board meetings are listed in the master calendar, which is in the Pioneer Prep student handbook.