Emergency Procedures

A school wide crisis management plan is reviewed each year with all staff.  Staff, in cooperation with the principal, is responsible for the implementation of any needed procedures related to crisis in the school building.

Fire, Lockdown, and Inclement Weather Drills
Fire drills are conducted monthly according to a schedule set by the Fire Prevention Office of the Phoenix Fire Department. Fire exit directions and procedures are posted in all rooms and teachers review fire exit procedures with scholars on a regular basis.

In the event of a fire, everyone is evacuated from the building immediately. If scholars are unable to return to the building because of smoke or fire conditions, the school follows emergency evacuation procedures.

Inclement weather drills are conducted each semester. Procedures are reviewed by teachers, and practiced by children.  Exit directions and procedures are posted in all rooms.

All children experience minor scrapes and bruises. The school nurse maintains a log of all children seen on a daily basis. For more serious incidents, an Accident Report Form is completed and maintained by the school nurse. Instances of serious accident may include some or all of the following procedures:

  1. The school nurse or a staff member carries out immediate first aid.
  2. A staff member contacts the parents to pick up the student for medical care.
  3. In cases where the parents or the designated emergency persons cannot be reached, or where immediate medical attention is needed, the school calls a local emergency unit for treatment and/or transportation to a hospital. A staff member accompanies the student and stays until the parent arrives.
  4. In cases of extreme emergency, staff may contact the local emergency unit before calling the parent.

Child Abuse Protocol
Arizona law requires immediate reporting of suspected child abuse to the authorities and to the appropriate individual in charge of the school.  Failure to do so is a violation of the law.

Emergency Cards
In emergency situations, the school calls the numbers listed on the card. It is essential that parents update these cards if their address, phone number, or emergency contact person changes.


School Closings or Late Starts
If school is closed or the opening delayed due to inclement weather, power outage or other problem, local radio and television stations announce this information.  Phone calls to all parents will be made by using Pioneer’s call out system.

Only under extreme circumstances does a school closing occur once students have arrived. If an early closing should occur, parents are notified of early dismissal.  Transportation from school will leave early. Parents/guardians of students who do not use the school’s transportation will need to pick up their children by the time of closing.

Closings during the day are announced on local radio and television stations. Please call the school if you are in doubt.

Please see attached documents regarding 2015 Crisis Response, Fire-Drill Regulations and Lockdown Procedures.