Dress Code and Uniform Policy

The 2014-2015 uniform selections are now available. Dennis uniforms order forms can be found in the Pioneer office. Clothing must be clean and neat. The school principal reserves the right to decide whether or not something conforms to the dress code.

Dress Code for students in Grades K – 6

Shirts – Navy blue, light blue or white polo shirts are the only acceptable uniform shirt. These are available in both short and long sleeve. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. T-shirts can be worn under the Pioneer school uniform shirts. Pioneer Prep T-shirts may be worn on Fridays only.

Pants – Navy blue or khaki pants are the only acceptable uniform pant. Pants must be securely fastened at the waistline and straight-legged. No drooping is acceptable. Pants are not to drag on the ground. No skinny jeans or sweat pants.

Skirts or Jumpers – Khaki, Navy Blue, or Blue plaid cotton, twill or wool blend skirts or jumpers are the only acceptable skirts and jumpers for girls. The hem on skirts and jumpers must be no higher than 2” above the knee.

Tights – Solid navy blue or white tights may be worn. Hose, leggings and sweat pants may not be worn beneath jumpers or skirts.

Sweaters – Navy blue or white sweaters and sweater vests are the only acceptable uniform sweater. No logos may appear on sweaters.

Hair – All students’ hair must be neat, clean and well groomed. Hairstyles should not create a safety or health hazard and/or interfere with the educational environment of the school.

Shoes – Shoes must be solid color tennis shoes with non-marking soles. Shoes must be closed (heel and toe) and sturdy.

Socks – Navy blue, black, or white crew socks are appropriate. All students must wear socks. No logos may appear on the socks.
Other Requirements

  • Long sleeved shirts may not be worn under short-sleeved shirts. Only solid white, solid dark or light blue short-sleeved shirts may be worn under shirts
  • Earrings for girls are limited to two pair in the lobe area only. Two pairs of studs OR 1 pair of studs and one hoop or dangling – no more than 1” in diameter and no longer than 1” in length for K-6.
  • Girls may only wear fingernail polish that is clear or very light in color. (No red, blue, black, green, orange or purple.) Cosmetics must be reasonable and modest. (Principal’s discretion)
  • Students may not wear mohawks or similarly unusual hairstyles; unnaturally colored hair; trees; spikes; bandanas or other non-approved head coverings at school. (Exception: religious observance; medical reasons or spirit days where hats are allowed.)
  • Boys may not wear earrings, nail polish or cosmetics. (Exception: for drama or ballet performances)
  • Students may not wear visible “body piercing” jewelry.
  • Backpacks, lunch boxes and purses should not have inappropriate writing (Subject to Principal discretion), dangling keys, chains, etc on them. Please keep school colors in mind when making purchases.
  • Students are not allowed to draw or write on themselves.
  • Color appropriate hats, scarves and gloves are allowed in winter while students are outside. Keep school colors in mind.
  • Blankets and wraps may not be brought to school.