Exciting News Here at Pioneer!

The new year has officially begun and we have some exciting news to share here at Pioneer Preparatory School. We are excited to announce that we have 3 teachers that have earned prestigious awards during the 2017-18 school year, Pioneer has earned the Early Childhood Literacy Grant, we have fostered a new partnership with Teach For America for the summer, and we have defined and have a clear focus on Pioneer’s performance based legacy centered strategies in 3 key areas.

The Sontag Prize in Urban Education

MessickThe Sontag Prize in Urban Education celebrates the nations most inspiring educators and is awarded to excellent teachers across the nation. Recipients of the Sontag Prize join a nationwide network of excellent teachers with access to lifelong collaboration, professional development, and celebration.
We are proud and excited to announce that our very own Ms. Givre and Ms. Messick were nominated by their peers in the education community and won the Sontag Prize in Urban education. They have been awarded with a honorarium and 2 days of professional development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Early Childhood Literacy Grant

We would like to give a big thanks to our Instructional Coach Mrs. Wilson for writing and earning the Early Literacy Grant for Pioneer Preparatory School. The Early Literacy Grant program provides support to improve reading skills, literacy and proficiency for students in kindergarten programs and grades one through three. These funds will go towards sustaining the YMCA ELR program and augment our literacy enrichment programs.

Teach for America Partnership

Pioneer Preparatory School is humbled to be partnering with Teach for America combining our summer school and their summer institute. The Teach For America Summer Institute is a rigorous, hands-on experience required for incoming corps members. It prepares corps members with foundational knowledge and skills that they’ll continue to develop and hone throughout their time in the corps. In addition the summer institutes provide an additional opportunity for corps members to build an  understanding of the community they we will be working with.
We will have more details to come leading up to summer school.

Pioneer’s Performance Based Legacy-Centered Strategies

The Board of Directors President James Diaz and Pioneer’s school Director Dr. Jarret Sharp recently had the opportunity to meet and discuss Pioneer’s performance based legacy-centered strategies in 3 key areas. Those 3 key areas are community engagement, student success, and culture. These strategies will ensure the achievement of objectives and the success of Pioneer Preparatory School.
We are  very thankful to and for a supportive Governing Board and engaged community partners.