Assessment & Standards

Continuous evaluation of student learning is an integral part of the instructional process at TeamCFA. Assessment of student learning is done in many ways, depending on the subject area. Following is a short description of various types of assessment tools used at the school.

Essential Learning Standards by grade are attached at the bottom of this page.

Common Core
In order to plan our academic year purposefully, and prepare our students for the increased rigors of both the Common Core State Standards (ACSS) and college and career expectations, Pioneer Preparatory School, with the assistance of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, has developed Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) for each grade level in both language arts and mathematics. Our ELOs are based on endurance, readiness, and relevancy for the next grade level—ensuring our students will be prepared for what lies next for them in their academic careers.

Scholars in grades 3 – 6 will be taking the AzMerit (Arizona’s measurement of educational readiness to inform teaching) in April. Scholars in grade 4 will take the AIMS science test.

TeamCFA administers NWEA, an online national assessment, four times each school year to students in Grades K-6. The assessment provides online data to teachers for use in benchmarking the growth of individual children and allows important resources in planning for the needs of every child ensuring continuous academic achievement.

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
Students in kindergarten are participating in the Core Knowledge Reading Program—a national program administered through the Core Knowledge foundation, and for which our teachers were trained. We are excited to be part of this opportunity.

Interim Progress Reports
Interim Progress Reports are issued to all students at the midpoint of the grading period. These reports inform parents of their child’s academic developments and any potential problems the child may be experiencing.

Student Learning Contracts (Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences)
Parent-teacher conferences are held twice each year, in the fall and spring.  Information will be sent home to schedule times with teachers. Appointments must be set to allow adequate attention and time to meet with each parent. Parents are encouraged to use these times to meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress at school. Conferences with teachers and/or members of the administration can also be arranged as needed throughout the school year. Conference dates and information will be announced in the Pioneer Times—our monthly newsletter.

Report Cards
Report cards are distributed four times a year, shortly after the end of the grading term. Parents are required to meet with the child’s teacher to review and receive the report card. Report cards list a student’s proficiency for each of the standards identified for mastery during that term, his/her attendance records, and a discussion of the student’s behavior and social developments.

Social Skills and Work Habits

Every TeamCFA student is evaluated each midterm and at report card time in the following areas:

  1. Honesty—to be honest in word and deed, never cheating on tests, never taking that which does not belong to oneself, or taking credit for something belonging to another.
  2. Cooperation—is helpful to the teacher(s) and fellow classmates, and is willing to learn
  3. Follows school rules—follows instructions as given by teacher and other staff
  4. Responsibility for own actions—admits mistakes and accepts consequences for actions
  5. Effort—works hard and wants to achieve
  6. Respect for others—shows respect in speech and behavior toward adults and students. Does not damage property belonging to the school or others
  7. Responsibility toward academic work—completes work assignments and brings books and supplies needed
  8. Works independently—uses good judgment when given assignments to work alone, and when choices are provided in classroom use of time
  9. Self control—controls anger and behaves appropriately
  10. Completes work on time—regularly completes homework assignments

Evaluation of social skills and work habits is facilitated by the classroom teacher with input from all specialists who teach the student. The child’s social skills and work habits are recorded on the midterm reports and each report card.

Monthly Newsletter

At the end of each school month, a monthly newsletter, the Pioneer TImes, will be sent home with your child(ren) as well as being posted on our website. Please read the newsletter to keep updated on the activities of TeamCFA and its upcoming programs/events.

Grading Scale

Kindergarten to Sixth Grade

A                      90 – 100%

B                      80 – 89.9%

C                      70 – 79.9%

D                      60 – 69.9%

F                      59.9% or below