School Profile

Pioneer Preparatory School: A Challenge Foundation Academy is a tuition-free, public charter school in Phoenix, Arizona’s Maryvale neighborhood serving grades K–6.

As a school community we work as a team to ensure that each child enjoys, honors and benefits from his/her experiences as a student at Pioneer Preparatory School CFA. The experiences here serve as some of the finest opportunities available in any public school. At Pioneer, the overall atmosphere for learning is everyone’s responsibility—staff, scholars and families—working together. Learning can only take place when scholars, teachers, administrators and families work together toward establishing a positive learning environment.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Pioneer Preparatory School: A Challenge Foundation Academy is to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum with balanced support from staff, teachers, family, and community – providing scholars with the knowledge and wisdom to be self-sustaining members of our society. Scholars will meet and exceed academic standards ensuring their success as life-long learners.

At Pioneer Prep CFA, we believe that “Together, Each Achieves More” (T.E.A.M.), and that all children can grow, learn, and achieve.


Pioneer Prep CFA was founded in 2009 to provide high-quality school choice opportunities to the underserved Maryvale neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. We began in leased space in the Boys & Girls Club with 80 students in grades K–2, and moved in 2010 to our current facility in Maryvale.

Now serving grades K-6, Pioneer Prep CFA is a proud member of TeamCFA, a growing network of quality charter schools in three regions across the country. Our schools bring quality school choice to the communities and families we serve. We invite you to learn more about our network at


  • Race: 95% Hispanic/Latino; 2.5% African-American; 2.5% White
  • Socioeconomic Status: 94% Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Language Status: over 65% of Pioneer Prep CFA students are identified English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Special Education: 14% of students qualify for special education services
  • Number of students: 643
  • Average Class Size: 23

Statement of Purpose

Pioneer Preparatory School will provide parents the choice of curriculum and higher expectations of involvement. Parents are expected to be involved in their child’s education, and assist with class needs, as able.  The students and their families living in Arizona will have the option of choosing a school that requires a commitment of students, parents and all staff members in the form of a contract. The Board feels it’s sending an important message in that every stakeholder accepts and signs a contract of responsibility and commitment.

The Core Knowledge Sequence, the main component of our curriculum, is aligned with the Arizona State Academic Standards and was carefully chosen to enable parents to guide their children towards a higher level of academic achievement. We believe that if all children have a solid base of knowledge early on that the academic achievement level will be in place to attend college. It is our goal to provide a school that accommodates parents’ work schedules as well as a rigorous academic program for their children.