Our Mission

The mission of Pioneer Preparatory School CFA is to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum with balanced support from staff, teachers, family, and community—providing scholars with the knowledge and wisdom to be self-sustaining members of our society. Scholars will meet and exceed academic standards ensuring their success as life-long learners.

Staff will:

  • Create a safe, welcoming and supportive classroom for each learner.
  • Teach, practice and model the behaviors of learning.
  • Build strong relationships with every child and every family.
  • Communicate with and support students and families.
  • Recognize effort, growth and achievement in every learner.

Scholars will:

  • Come to school every day, prepared and ready to do their very best.
  • Practice and model for others the behaviors of learning.
  • Respect themselves, their classmates, their teachers and our school.
  • Work hard and do their personal best at all times.
  • Take responsibility for their learning and conduct.

Families will:

  • Help children arrive on time and prepared for school every day
  • Read with children, help with homework and check book bags nightly.
  • Reach out and respond to teacher and school communications.
  • Talk daily with children about school and encourage them to do their best.

To accomplish this, Pioneer Preparatory School will enhance the Arizona State curriculum with the Core Knowledge curriculum to create an overall program of study that will include the depth and breadth necessary to meet the needs of all students.

Teacher resume information available upon request in front office.