Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA)

The school encourages an atmosphere in which parents, administration, and faculty join in a partnership to foster the mission of Pioneer. This partnership offers an environment for collaboration and exchange of information between the school and parents.

All parents are invited to attend our PTSA meetings, and to join committees or volunteer for activities. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month and provide an opportunity to dialogue with school administrators about issues of common concern.

The goals of the PTSA are:

  1. To increase communication among parents, staff, and students
  2. To provide social interaction for students and their families
  3. To provide interaction among parents
  4. To provide a structure for parent volunteer activities
  5. To raise funds to help support the school

An administrator is present at all meetings to give information and answer parent questions.
Annually, Pioneer Preparatory school teachers and staff will convene a meeting with the PTSA at the beginning of the school year. All efforts will be made to have the parent involvement meeting the same night as Pioneer’s Back to School Night.

Check the calendar for upcoming meetings.