A Renewed Vision

At Pioneer Preparatory School:  A Challenge Foundation Academy we have a core belief that we all rally around.  It is something that we hold dear and as educators find to be the true driving force behind our drive to educate and empower our scholars.  Up until 2013, we had felt it, talked about it, but had not named it outright.  It is rather simple, yet powerful; brief, but expansive.  We at Pioneer Preparatory School believe that ALL scholars will grow, learn, and achieve.  Let’s take a moment to break down the words in this belief (or vision) statement in order to understand how operate.

The first word of great importance is believe.  A belief is something that one holds dear; something that drives one’s thoughts and ultimately their actions.  We do truly belief that our vision is crucial to who we are as a school and everything we do revolves around the fact that our beliefs drive us.  As a result, we put our blood, sweat, and tears into our profession.

Of equally important note is the word scholar.  All of our children are scholars…A scholar is more than just a student.  While a student is one who learns in the school environment; a scholar views the world as their classroom.  Learning never truly stops.  It is endless.  A scholar is truly a lifelong learner.

The last three words that stand out are in a particular order for a reason: grow, learn,and achieve.  ALL scholars have the ability to grow.  Growth is universal; while it may mean different things to different people, it is what all of us are capable of.  Learning is fundamental to growth.  Learning is what drives us to improve and dare to push ourselves further.  And, as the cliché goes, last but not least, there is the wordachieve.  To achieve is to attain with effort.  No goal is met without perseverance and work.

Our belief is what motivates us.  We at Pioneer spend a great deal of time ensuring that everything that happens here is seen through the filter of what we believe.  To that end, I want you as our family and community to help us see this belief through.  Visit our school’s website at www.pioneer.teamcfa.org and visit www.coreknowledge.org to learn more about what our scholars are learning and what they will need in order to grow, learn, and achieve.